Wednesday, September 26, 2007


not sure if you've ever noticed or not, but I'm a huge fan of things that are just completely random. for instance, here I am, blogging, and I'm liable to just say...spaghetti and meatballs...for no fucking reason whatsoever.

just do it. that's nike's motto. mine is more like, it's just blogging, why be so serious all the time, or at all? it's kind of a long motto and it's more of a question that a declarative statement, but couldn't 'just do it' be interpreted as 'just do it?'

anyways, my favorite bit of randomness right now is dinosaurs. for a minute it was dragons, in honor of the most amazing movie ever made, dragon wars. but now it's talking dinosaurs. that's because my good friend clued me into these little babies over at

click to ENlarge and ENjoy.
HBCC love.


Hiro said...

Ladies! There's enough T-Rex to go around... FOR SEXUAL CONGRESS!

We're just a regular congress!
Also, we're dudes!

stantonandorchard said...

there's a 72% chance i'm in love with T-REX

Captain Handsome said...

I farted in front of a girl today.......shit

stantonandorchard said...

handsome, you should have blogged about that. that could be the single most important thing i've read today, sunday

Captain Handsome said...

done. Drank a bottle of 2 buck Chuck Syraz and a bottle of 8 dollar Gewurztraminer, blazed some Pipeline, watched Cops and banged out the post. Blam Blam.....Have a nice day!