Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bring on Year #2

oh yeah, and check out this creative Graffiti by my apt........

Friday, May 25, 2007

jimmys diggin cats

friday is cat day, remember? REMEMBER?

anyways, you didn't think we'd just send you off into the weekend without a little more cats, did you? this one is an ode the show that helps me kill at least an hour every night. seriously, why don't they just rename discovery channel 'deadliest catch channel'? oh sure, there's other beauties like myth busters and man v. wild (BEAR!? sup my nikka) and, um, oh shark week and don't they have a week dedicated to volcanos?

who cares about that. all i want to hear is mike rowe make sweet love to my eardrums while gruff dudes scour the bering straits in search of that orange gold. (so cheezy)okay, bobsled out. happy fucken weekend hbcc, and tune in tomorrow or some time over the weekend as handsome weighs in with a very special one year anniversary post that is sure to have you in tears or seizures. PEACE

Another Cat Photo for the Weekend



Thursday, May 24, 2007

ima pay one day, just not right now

whats happening world? tired of all the cat photos here? i didn't think so.

first thing first for the NYC peeps: Travis America is performing live next week and it is your duty as an American with a capitol 'A' to come out and see him bring it.
May 30th, 2007
105 Eldridge Street
Between Broome and Grand Streets
LES b.itches

second, i've decided to grow a mustache. yeah, i know, that was hott like a few months ago and now its not, but i don't care. i march to the beat of a bobsled drummer (feel the rhythm!!) and if i want to grow my first mustache, then damnit i am. besides, handsome is coming to town on june 7th, so i need to be ready

third 'still not a player' just came on my office computer. i'm blasting it right
"hot tub! poppin bubbly" you know you're singing it
four i'm embarassed and just turned it down

five kickball tonight. psyched. and its not a frat, handsome, you fucking jerk

six i'm out of possibly amusing tidbits. maybe something will come to me
no, okay, that's it, i've got nothing
no you hang up
no you hang up
i love you
love you

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A super dope homeboy from the Oaktown

So while my colleague is out spying on homeless people in his backyard and getting ready for the long hard road ahead, i've been enjoying the summer kickball style. adult kickball style. not adult like adult movies, but adults like grown ups enjoying a game we all used to rage on in third grade. and then going out to the bar afterwards, getting competely wasted like we used to in college and then making out in some kind of incestuous drunken orgy more akin to what we all enjoyed in high school (or what the greeks probably enjoyed in the greek ages except with less gay sex and sex in public). the only thing is a fascinating study in regression really, but my therapist says its helping me connect with my inner child, the one who didn't get nintendo even though like every other kid on the entire freaking block had one....JEEZ mom and dad.

anyways, we're talkin about kickball. i mean, kickball, i'm talking about kickball. my team is called the hammers. seriously. in a league where another team is called "john stamos is our dad", we're a bunch of tools. but, at least we're like the manliest of the manly tools. hammers hit shit and help mold the world. (well, maybe the latter can be said about stamos also, but that's for another discussion). im thinking this team name was like a default name or something, like john doe or username or

we have a messageboard for the league which i occassionally drop in on. now i wasn't always really into messageboards, but apparently you have to have sweeeeeet avatar. here's mine:see what i mean? sweetness. nothing can't touch the old hammer. unfortunately there's only like three classic shots of hammer in google images, so there wasn't much to choose from. but i think i done pretty good with this one here.

the big debate is: how much of a pussy are you for bunting in kickball? because, see, there's a rule that prevents you from charging a bunt until its been kicked, and its pretty much impossible to just throw people out at first, so a bunt is a sure way of getting on. so is it cheating? or using the rules to your advantage? and do you care if all the people you're playing against think you have a sticky, slimy vertical taco that hasn't been shaved in years cause you like to bunt....more to come on this

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grandpa's Got the Beer Goggles on Again

Just watching some wonderful Monday evening TV and a particular commercial caught my attention. know, the boner pill. They were going over things to do or not do while taking the pharmaceutical hard on maker and I caught something funny. It says to not drink alcohol while taking Cialis. At first I was thinking that maybe the medicine would mix with the pill and cause a major medical problem or something. You know what, I think that is wrong. I think that they are scared that the already haven't fucked in 23 years crowd has enough on their hands with a brand new bonestick. In their test subjects they found the men would hardly keep thier hands off most ladies. Add in Booze to the mix (yes i highlighted Booze.....its a respect thing) and grandpa might be taking down something even he wouldn't want to.

Just a thought.........

Monday, May 21, 2007

Captain America is Handsome

I can't think of anything to write so I will just dictate the ramblings of the self defecating homeless man yelling outside my window:

"Fuck....Who the fuck?!?!?

grumblings of squander and insanity.......

You cock sucking fucker, Fuck you"

Get back here.!!!!! (somthing that i couldn't understand should be inserted here. I don't believe it was english)

Cock Sucker........scream.....scream.....yellll and finish with a moan"

That was an actual ranting from a real Venice Beach Insanobum about 3 minutes ago. You can't make this stuff up folks. I literally have to listen to this crap on almost a nightly basis. The homeless out here are of a different breed that I am used to. The New York Bums are much better behaved. I mean Big Apple Bums really understand their level of bummitude, go about their day happily eating halal cart leftovers, and sleep peacefully on the steps of Note, this is a reference to my ole local homeless lady from the hatten that would drink 3-4 tall boys, pee herself and sleep peacefully at the "Sak". Incidentally, they serve up some pretty solid Turkish food if you are ever in the Turtle Bay Neighborhood. Incidentally x2, kiss my ass - I heard your cocky hipster laced comments over there Brooklyn!

Unlike the well groomed hatten bums, Insanobum outside my window is anything but well behaved. Noooooo, he doesn't think he is a bum.....shit, he thinks he is some sort of 2 Live-Crew Aristotle. He isn't the only one either. The bums out here think they need to share the infinate whisdom that helped secure their place in this wonderful world. Sweet, as I am writing this some skaters just got into a shouting match with the bum. Who the hell needs Time Warner (bastards)! This is not just a random occurance either. I hear this shit many nights a week. The best is when I have someone over and the bums start up......the look on their faces is classic. Anyhow, I got noting else. I didn't even really ever have this to be honest. Damn! I am going to go watch the bums pee on the dumpster outside of my window. Check out my view:

Friday, May 18, 2007

you must be another handsome boy graduate


really slow day at work today

i wanna make this funky for you


Friday is for cats
you can't tell me thats
no true, boo
me, you, your cousin too
stealin lines
bitin rhymes
sittin at work
wastin time
cats on bodies
bobsled freakin hotties
handsome, captain
la, la, la
blah blah blah

my best friend stephen at the home depot

yeah, s'been a while since i posted. but since i drank a shitload of beer tonight and i made out with a random girl adn now im listeing to grateful dead adn wathing whacked out sports on tv, i figured id way in with a little photo fo something fhit. shit fuck fshit fudkc fushit fuvck fudsk;aj f;inaisn; shit i'm drink

Thursday, May 10, 2007

MIA in LA n' NYC

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Bobsled and I are presently recentering ourselves through an extensive Yoga and Scientology Program. Oh yeah.......I also have no internet at my apt as the guy I was stealing it from just moved. I miss the hatten'........there were just soooo many optinons for stealing internet. Guess I should evolve to LA life and just start stealing cars.....