Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adventures of Henry the HBCC Hedgehog

Henry Parsons was a Hedgehog. Henry happens to be one of the baddest hogs' I have met since movin out here. I actually met Henry at a work retreat at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset but thats a different story. At first I really didn't think that much of Henry but he really turned out to be a cool cat......errr sorry hedgehog. So me and The Frey were wonderin' what to do on a Sunny Monday off in the LAAAaaaaaa. Well, I hadn't done the tourist thing since coming out here so shit, lets give that a try (Horay!).

So as we were gettin ready to load into Lequisha, Henry was like "Yo bitches, what about me". Well, hell Henry.................lets roll. To Hollywood we go!!!! After parking at the center of Middle America Tourist Bliss I get a bit excited. As we emerge from the undergarage the 90+ temperature starts to create tribute to Louisiana in my designer jeans. There is a guy dressed like The Cat in the Hat who must be very very envious of my jeans. I feel better. So not to get too sappy but we went to Mann's Chinese Theater. Henry picked out his favorite actor for a photo:
I have a nice photo of Steven Segal's square also. I will get that one up too, I know HBCC readers are rabid for a Segal Flick. Marked for death was the shit. I after a quick neslte tollhouse shop stop, watchin batman, darth vader, wonder woman, sponge bob, minnie mouse, another batman, and another wonderwoman we rolled to Griffith Park. Damn nice park I must say. A friend from West Point was golfing with some buddies and was giving us his Dodgers Tix for the night. Against the Nat's! Goooooooo DC. Holla East Coast. Game was mad fun however, the Dodger Dogs were quite disappointing. Luckily the Gordon Biersch Garlic Fries saved the day. That and a few Tall Boys. Anyhow, the Dogers won after bringing in Takashi Saito and it was the shit. That boy tossed a few 95 mile an hour heaters. Parsons was pleased...
Word, Tourist day with The Frey in LA. Oh yeah, we got some cotton candy and I rocked out some Selleck impressions..... (note Giants Hat, Down with the Redskins!)

Oh and Double yeah, here's Segal's cocky ass footprints.........what an Ass

Monday, August 27, 2007

I call litta the shitta

Its been a while since we dropped some feline friccasy on ya'll. Droppen hooks with super cat on Hollywood Blvd today......then its off to Rosco's Chicken and Waffles. We'll close out the day with a little Dodgers vs Nat'nls and a flask of beam. What are you doin' out there today HBCC Land?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Funky Cat's Gonna Be Miss'n Cause Bobsled Bounced from the Griffin

Holla out to the Brave one. Yes thats right friends lets give yea ole Bobsled some heart cause he pulled the trigger. Blam Blam have a nice day.... Wise beyond his days Karl has made a move. Ya'll know how hard it is to make a major life change? You see that shit in movies, on tv and in your dreams (is that a line from a journey song?) every day but have you had to do it yourself recently. I went through the grueling hell that is making life decisions. Shit even San Loco couldn't set me straight. Then make a decision and your life changes! So here you are in your moment when you don't know what's gonna happen. All you know is you pulled the trigger. So lets all give bobsled a holla holla white boy hand pump for his efforts. Of course you should have gotten a job in the LLaaaaaaa but thats neither here nor there. This is whats here:

So I was cruising out of work today, hopped in Lequisha (Lequisha being my cars name cause- she's a black saucy ass, baby, with junk in the trunk), and started cruisin' back to my home by the beach. Kickin' it to some mad CCR......bangin on the steering wheel and shit. I was in a great mood and looking forward to OG immediatly through the door. Then it hit me......fuck, am I not as young as I think I am? I know I have had this kind of moment before but I really started to scratch my head and think about it. I looked down at my tie while at the stop light at Venice and Abby K. Wow, it may be worse than I think............
So I bought a skateboard this week. Yeah, a skateboard. You may recall just about a month ago there were some references to my 29th birthday....nevermind.....I don't know why that even came up. I also remember my first skateboard to the tiny detail (Syms Erik Nash Edition with OJ2 Street Razor Wheels, and Gullwing Tucks (lyme green and pink broken glass style grilp tape)) and I worshipped the shit out of it. Then one day I went to the pond to swim and hid it in the woods........when I came back it was gone. I was heartbroken. It was only a month old. I never bought another one and lie about its whereabouts to my parents to this day (mom still asks). Boy would it have been awsome if I had actually gotten good at skateboarding as a kid. Possibilities are endless. Anyhow, I bought a skateboard this week. Also picked up a 175g disk. Also Flew a stunt kite at the beach. And then played a bob dylan song in my car while sporting a dylanesque quaffe........I hate when I'm right. Lets blow this Joint Lequisha. It's Friday bitches!!!!

p.s. Congrats to this weeks Big Buck Hunter 2.0 Champion: Bobsled! A thrilling victory over Mr. Howard in British Colombia! Keep up the streak

Monday, August 13, 2007

here comes sunshine

let's face it: way back before we were all ghostface and daft punk and pickyourownshoes, we were deadheads. patch pants wearing, mushrooming eating, hemp necklace wearing, stupid dance dancing deadheads. some of us younger than others, but all big fans nevertheless.

and as much as we (I) lament the slow and painful death of the jamband scene, there's no denying that slipping on an occasional Dick's Picks or Live Phish CD feels pretty damn good.

so, many THANKS to the peoples at Passion of the Weiss, The for serving up this tasty heady gooball nugget from 1973 (my favorite shit, with the Godchaux team in full effect, Keith - you the man, RIP; Donna Jean - wtf sometimes, really). (click and follow the above link to DL)

setlist reads like a gem:

Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO (11/21/73)

Me and My Uncle
Jack Straw
Big Railroad Blues
Mexicali Blues
They Love Each Other
Looks Like Rain
Here Comes Sunshine
Big River
Brokedown Palace
WRS Prelude
WRS Part 1
Let It Grow

Mississippi Half-Step
Playing in the Band
El Paso
Playing in the Band
Wharf Rat
Playing in the Band
Morning Dew
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
One More Saturday Night

Uncle John's Band


Friday, August 10, 2007

Dear Daft Punk,

Fuck you. I love you. KThnksBye

Missin' the Shakey Shake

So fuck me, i have been waiting for a true California disaster since moving out here. There was a nice little bursh fire that was pretty entertaining a few months ago by the Hollywood sign and thats it. Till last night........Around 1am there was a nice little 4.6 shaker. Finally some seriouis So Cal excitement. And I slept right through the whole damn thing. Didn't even feel a fart under the sheets last night. WTF, I have been waiting for a quaker and I sleep right through it. How big a rumbler do you think I would sleep through? Imagine if I wake up this morning and find the city lookin like an episode of 24?! Damn that would be sweet!

To add insult to injury I get texts, calls, emails from friends and family excitedly inquiring about the little earth indigestion. No no, I'm safe. Everyone seemed a bit disappointed.......God Damn I miss good ole East Coast Folks!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

pardon our motherf*ck!n dust motherf*ck3rs

sup cleaning up the ole boy. maybe the HBCC ain't so dead after all. maybe it's just on life support. like me. after running the NYC half marathon this morning.

know what sucks about the iPod shuffle? when NAS comes on at mile 6. WHO'S WORLD IS THIS?!! oh, wait, we still got 8 more miles to go. fuck me.

whatever, in the meantime, if you like the layout, leave a comment. or don't. even if you don't you should still watch. this is mel. mel is the pitcher for our travel kickball tourney team:

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ha Ha

Bobsled has a crush on Annie

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

RIP Hamilton, RIP Van Winkle

something happens when you spend almost every weekend on the road. little things in your life somehow fall through the cracks. imperceptible cracks, until you've realized, "hey, i think i've lost something." or that feeling you inevitably have every time you travel - you're certain you've forgotten something.

that something ended up being the HBCC. not just the HBCC. my entire life looks something like Orachard street did just yesterday:
(don't fret handsome, they're just filming one of them motion picture things)

But yeah, the HBCC sorta took a nosedive. there was all sorts of funny stuff when we were in the same city hanging out. (well, at least to us there was) now there's funny stuff, but it's just over IM. probably not a bad idea to start posting some of those IM conversations just for the F of it. butt....maybe not

not only has traveling occupied a huge chunk of my time, but my love of kickball has eaten just about the rest of it. we put together a great team of kids to play in a tournament in the home of Freedom, aka DC, and we represented our country and the NYC in fine fashion. that's all i'm really gonna get into right now, but here's a photo of what went on...
(not really handsome, but its our blog and i'll brag about made up stuff if i want to, yeah?)

my parents came to visit the city one weekend. here's a photo of my mom with a storm trooper nerd:
(she was mortified, but i knew a good photo opp when i saw it)

made the trip to Portland a few weeks back. it's beautiful out there and the city has a really great vibe, with cool people and lush greenery, golf courses, mountains, all that shit you don't get here in NYC. something like this...
(we should get out to play golf some time handsome)

and then there's LA county...
burning brightly on the coast. your new home. Annie from OK's summer intern spot. for some reason i just can't seem to get it out of my head: all the good times out in LA county. the beaches, the food, the palm trees, the vader, the women...oh ma god, let me tell you the women. let's just say, i won't go in-to the details. the hot tub, the cubans, the vader, the beer, the eddy, the hollywood, the jimi tapes, the "you could be mine" trips through the corridor

its been all too much. too much to put into words and way too much to write on the blog. it's all a bit overwhelming really. maybe some day i'll get better at this blogging thing and write more frequently about all the cool stuff that happens to me, as it happens. but for now i've done a shite job and all i can do is sit back and think about it.