Sunday, July 29, 2007

RIP Bobsled Commando

God Rest his soul. I am all alone and my shitty american ass computer won't upload photo's to boot. When it rains it NY. Luckily I have taken some time away from the computer. I have experienced new things. I bought a bike. I blacked out on the beach. Presently I am also in training as the greatest beach paddle ball player ever born in Richmond, VA. Since my last post I have also learned the joy of the Fish Taco. Previously I was beefiffied. Now, fish me up motherfucker. Shaq was in my office on Thursday. No, really. He barely fit. A kitten was adopted for a day or two. That is until he tried to eat my pool ducks (Mr. and Mrs. Mallard). A new Thai massage place opened up accross from my apartment. It is right next to the Rogue Status store. Spend a whole motherfuckin day on that corner is what the man said. Vader Kush has made himself known....then unknown. Finally went to the Whiskey A Go-Go. Not a bad place. I pissed in the bathroom trash can out of respect for the metal past that has done the same for some 30 years now. Yes, I drank whiskey. No I didn't drive home. Not well anyhow. Went to an indian casino.........ran into a friend from JMU in VA. Wow, i thought he must be a loser as he was hanging out at an indian casino. he thought i must have been in one of the stage acts that evening at the casino (Linda Rondstat / Bruno Machavelli's Magic Comedy show).....or not. Turned 29. Bought a, quarter life crisis. kiss my ass, i live in venice bitches. Still listenin' to Ready to Die then Wheezer back to back. Spent $150.00 on a dinner for just me in Santa Monica. Brook Burke sat next to me. Her husband is a fat european slob. Why? Fired someone at work for sexual harassment. That was fun. Mediated a fight between two mexican laundry attendants. Learning to box......lethal mother fucker. Conviced some black out drunk guy to pay El Jeffe and my bar tab. Then met a girl that got dosed for the first time. She was a 35 year old lesbian. Swear to god, best night out here. Picked Bobsled up at LAX for a 2.5 hour layover>drank tequilla (4 shots/marg) with some insane dude at a mex restaruant> drove to my place> vader kush> jacuzzi and Cuban's> Biggie (2nd reference) back to the airport> by bobsled. Best night out here #2. Don't you wish I could post pictures instead of rambling on. Either way, kiss my ass. you win. i'm out. peace

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Enjoy your weekend hanging out with a bunch of Chachki's in some crowded bar..........