Monday, April 16, 2007

California Voodoo - Now With Air Conditioning

Hotel Cafe, not really a name that you would associate with a night out raging to some crazy music is it? Well I do now. Last week I finally found an old friend's number who lives out here in the LAaaaa and gave him a shout out. He suggested I meet up with him at the Hotel Cafe as Tom Morello was doing an accustic set under the name "The Night Watchman". Diggity, lets check out some music, I haven't done shit out here and was in need for something, anything to sustain my musical needs. $10 at the door and I was in for the show. Hotel Cafe is pretty much in the center of Hollywood Hell. I nearly ran over 2 bums, and a flock of gay Mexican's with cowboy hats while circling the block looking for parking. The cronotons did not make the situation any safer for the booze filled pedestrians. Took me a minute to get into the place as it has a false front that faces the street but you have to go around back through this alley to get into the joint. Layout was pretty hot, there was a small bar with an ajoining cafe room as you enter the Club. The lighting was dim, the walls were of exposed brick, and swaths of red velvet hung about. I was in some sort of Musical Narnia. To the back of the room were two double swinging doors that led to the "venue".

A Kettle Rocks with a Beam Back greeted me and quickly ushered me into the show. Tom was already playing an accustic Bulls on Parade as I entered. He was thrashing about as if he was playing with Rage or Audio.. but it was just him and his shitty little guitar with Nylon strings. I was taken back at first but found it to be highly entertaining. Tom was very jovial and was dressed like Stanly Spadowski as he MC'd the event between songs. Tom ended his set and stated that we were in for a treat as he had some special guests for the evening. We were all a bit confused and curious who it could be. At this point someone identified Zack Delaroca (former lead singer for Rage) in the crowd. Everyone was all pumped. At this point let me comment on the crowd. There were about 200 - 250 of us in this tiny little venue and everyone of us was partying. This was one of the best small venue crowds I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Lot of screaming and heckling Tom, who love it and threw it back in all of their faces. There was serious energy in the room. I couldn't help thinking that this was a fun little night out and hoped I might recognize one of the guests...........well, I did.

As Tom finished his set he made fun of some hecklers before introducing his first guest of the evening. When Ben Harper was introduced the place went nuts. Now, I am not the hugest fan of Ben or the slower music per se but to see him unexpectedly at this small venue was surely hot. He belted out about 4 tunes that sounded pretty amazing. I had seen him at festivales (pronounced fes-tiv-ahl-ees) and it was notably different hearing him wail in this small little room. Not bad, I knew a guest. yay. So Ben finished up and Tom announced there were several more guests to come. Word? Word! Tom introduced the next band: Extreme. It was rediculous, some 80's hair band was now taking the stage. I could not stop my laugher. They played an exectric set that included some Zeppelin Tunes and after much begging by Tom Morello closed with a rousing "Get the Funk Out". I am not going to say that this was any real musical moment for me but it was pretty damn fun to be bouncing around the place to 80's metal. Incidentally, the guitarist Nuno Bettencourt was pretty sick. After Extreme's set Alice and Chains was announced to be taking the stage. Everyone was calling beniecles to this and none took it seriously. Until the entire band backed onto this tiny stage to play an accusitc set. I am again not a huge fan but this was actually the shit seeing them just come out and blow everyone's head off. They played some favorites (i.e "Down in a Hole") and then Tom got on stage, asked them to plug in and played a nasty few songs with the band. This was probably the best part of the whole evening.......accept for what happened next.

So Tom decided he wanted every damn person on the stage for the final few songs. It took the crew 15 minutes to actually all get onstage, plugged in and find enough room to stand/play. The whole process was very laughable. Tom Morello announced that the kids in the front sitting a the few small cafe tables in front of the stage had to get the hell up. This would prove helpful for me in the coming minutes. So after everyone was packed on stage, Tom invited up the final guest to the stage. B-Real! Yeah, that guy from Cypress Hill. He was sooo tore up when he came on the stage. Someone asked him to tell a joke and his reply was "I got no jokes but have some serious Cronic!" and everyone busted into Rock Superstar. It was fun as hell. The small crowd exploded and I started jumping around like some white wanna be gangster. B-Real acknowleged my bog hit motion to him several times but never broke stride. After the tune he said he was gonna freestyle for a bit which was very out of character for him. He laid down some lyrics but was obviously too blazed to really tear it up. At this point I pretended to tie my showe and stuck my head under one of the vacated tables to kiss the cats. Wow, it helped. They continued to play "Kill a Man" and finally "Hits from the Bong>Insane in the Membrane". This shit was soo much fun. None of the bands were my favorite but the whole experience was one of the best. Noone knew what was going to happen and inevitably the roof lifted off the motherfucker. The show ended by everyone clearing out quickly with a few of us lazy asses stayed to have another beer at the back bar. That turned out to be a good move as I got to hang out with all the guys that just performed.

Overall, this was one of the most fun music shows I have been to in recent history. It really summed up what the fuck it is that they do out here in the Hollywood. Rock is still alive and kicking. Anyhow, I hear that this same type of show will happen the next 3 Tuesday's at the Hotel Cafe so if you are out here in the Laaaaaaa, Check It Out. It is all for a good name in raising $$ for the homeless and is sponsored by Axis of Justice. Look how blazed B-Real looks even on my shitty little camera phone....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

its my birth(f)day and i'll rap if i want to

April 11th, the most important day in my life. It's a beautiful day here in NYC, hope the same can be said where you're at.

A little Wednesday afternoon rap courtesy of MF Doom. AND!!!! the first HBCC MP3 share (at least, I hope I did this right) Enjoy and don't resell it or any of that other stuff that might get us in trouble or detract from income for incredible artists...

One of my favorite verses in print, cause it's my birthday and i'll post rap lyrics if i want to:

How Doom hold heat, and preach non-violence?

Shhh, he 'bout to start the speech, c'mon, silence
On one scary night, I saw the light
Heard a voice that sound like Barry White said "Sure you're right"
Don't let me find out who tried to bite
They better off goin to fly a kite in a firefight
during tornado time with no coat then I caught ya
Wrote the book on rhymes, a note from the author
With no headshot, he said it's been a while
Got a breadwinner style to get a inner child up in to smile
And that's no exaggeration
The doctor told a patient "It's all in your imagination negro"
Ahh, what do he know?
About the buttery flow, he need to cut the ego
Trippin, to date the Metal Fellow been rippin flows
since New York plates was ghetto yellow with broke blue writing
This is too exciting
Folks leave out the show feelin truly enlightened
They say "The Villain been spittin enough lightning
to rock shock the Boogie Down to Brighton," aight then

Listen: Raid - MF Doom featuring Medaphoar
Buy: Madvillainy

Saturday, April 07, 2007

James Dean of the Bobsled Team

Who The Fuck Said Smoking Isn't Cool?????

Once Again Bobsled Reinvents Slick

While Puffin' On A Cancer Stick

Then He Pulled This Shit...............

Stuff it in your Easter Basket and Smoke it. More pictures of Bobsled in Venice to come.


Friday, April 06, 2007


Ole Handsome here trying to get out of work on the holiest of fridays. Again, I am fucked by the internet gods and am awaiting internet at the apt so you will have go get by with only Bobsled (who has been on fire opinion, certainly not fact) and a quick catpost from work. I got a whole roll of hot beef for you so keep checkin back and you may catch an injection.......Enjoy the beach, peace to y'all back east:
Easter is dedicated to LA's most common profession. God Told Me SO!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

shame on you when you step through to

and the alabama feline award for most best dressed human goes to kathy strickland of tuscaloosa

What a freaking CA hangover right now. S'all rainy and gloomy here in NYC right now. But I got out to check out this band, Merit, last night at Arlene's Grocery and they made it quite alright to be back here in the city. 'Cuse kids always up to no good. All kinds of Nada Surf and Sonic Youth influences, imho. If it hadn't been for the bass players brand spanking new white pumas (sorry dude, you rocked though), I could have convinced myself it was Nineteen Ninety Somethingorather.

Check them out at Pianos in May if you live in the city. If you don't, peep the Myspace and tell them how much you need them in YOUR town (San Diego State University, I see you checking in, sup).
saw this in LAX. god people freak me out

A couple of observations on TV: Deadliest catch is back at it. Read our ode to Mike Rowe, also host of Dirtiest Jobs. Anyways, before me and the Senor hit up the aforementioned show, we sat on the couch to hang with the Dan K. and watch a little of the tube. But it quickly became apparent that we had something of a dilemma on our hands. See, two dudes, hanging out, small NYC apartment, one couch, kinna awkward, kinna not. Gotta throw on some SportsCenter to get the Testosterone in the room flowing, right?

Except, to my dismay, I flip on ESPiN and find…women’s basketball?! WTF?! So, here’s the question: two dudes, hanging out, is it okay to watch women’s basketball (even though they suck) cause it’s the principle of having ESPiN on? Or are there sometimes when its just not acceptable for dudes to be watching ESPiN and instead should watch My Super Sweet 16 on MTV or The Agency on VH1? (I KNOW some of you know what I’m talking about)

Shit, so I think we watched deadliest catch, then maybe, um, I don’t even know. I was barely even alive for the show when we finished that little session.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Reunited and it feels so good

Handsome Beach, Captain Commando

a poem:

hertz one way rental
vegas to L-A
15 up and over mountains
the 10 to end the day

handsome west coast livin
bobsled visit for the 'kend
dude lives two blocks from the beach
and like a million taco stands

kicked at a club friday night
ladies were all so uptight
saturday drank at the 4100 club
then smoked on the way home, just right

now i'm back in nyc
handsome's chillin on his own again
but we'll be back together in april
to bring you more shenanigans

until then...