Wednesday, September 26, 2007


not sure if you've ever noticed or not, but I'm a huge fan of things that are just completely random. for instance, here I am, blogging, and I'm liable to just say...spaghetti and meatballs...for no fucking reason whatsoever.

just do it. that's nike's motto. mine is more like, it's just blogging, why be so serious all the time, or at all? it's kind of a long motto and it's more of a question that a declarative statement, but couldn't 'just do it' be interpreted as 'just do it?'

anyways, my favorite bit of randomness right now is dinosaurs. for a minute it was dragons, in honor of the most amazing movie ever made, dragon wars. but now it's talking dinosaurs. that's because my good friend clued me into these little babies over at

click to ENlarge and ENjoy.
HBCC love.

Friday, September 21, 2007

still looking for that sweet pair of 11 year old oakley BMX goggles?

well look no further mes hombres. these babies can be yours for just a cool ben franklin. he was never el presidente, but he was a super dope U.S. statesman, inventor, and diplomat. if only more Americans were out there gettin all Franklin-y up in this piece. we'd already have that shit renamed USraq.

anyways, weekend time is here. everybody's happy happy let's go get some crackers....ricky crackers that is:
got the low down on something super sweet? email it to

PS - big what's up to paris hilton who got her introduction to the HBCC wednesday night, shaking hands with the handsome one himself, or some shit like that. dude probably made that shit up anyways, but still, it's a sweet story that i've told to like no less than two people already...

(captain handsome not pictured here.)

Monday, September 10, 2007

HBCC Post #200 Says: Another Weekend Down the Drain

anybody else have to spend sunday morning drinking a bloody and crushing some juevos rancheros at the denver airport? didn't think so.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Listen'd to G'z and Hustlaz on the way home from work tonight.....

Must be the Mutha Fuckin HBCC Weekend! Football people. Men. Cool Ladies out there. Etc. So my first football Sunday here in Sweet Cali. Damn I am excited. I have joined the hordes of Jockesque Dungens and Dragons Like Men.........Yes I joined a fantasy football league. My first fantasy experment. Noone told me I would be in a draft for 3 and half hours. Christ! These dudes were serious with laptops, magazines, and tons of knowledge that I am sure held them back form sex for several weeks/months/years. I got some serious bawlers Shawn Alexander, Westbrook (fuck the eagles), Javon Walker, Shockey, Antonio Gates, and other assorted large men. Well, we'll see how this works out...........but who cares anyhow! College Saturday is already here and Sunday it's the big boys.



The first game starts. I have been fearing this fact since moving out here. Until my good friend Judson (yes, Georgia!) told me he too had the same fears and they are not necessary. He tells me of Football California Style. 9:30 meet at the bar. A bar by the beach. Eat Waffles, drink coffee, and crush a bloody. Then the game starts at 10 and you smash beers and watch 4 games at once. Hilarity ensues. Then you watch the next games. Thoughts of nude ocean runs jump into your head. Eat nachos and possibly a fish taco. Smash more beers. By the time the football ends it is just the afternoon so you go and pass out on the beach........or take pictures of you and a friend high 5'ing like fools. Its the weekend and the Captain's Out!
Oh Yeah.......Lets Go Big Blue!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

coupla jokes i've heard lately

Q: what's the opposite of christopher reeve?
A: christopher walken!

Asian woman to husband in bed: "What you wan do tonight?"
Husband: "I wan 69"
Woman: "Why you always want beef with brocorri?"

Ebonics update (cause we haven't had one of those ina while): Omelette
Let's use that in a sentence: I should pop a cap in you ass for this shit, but omelette that slide for now.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Friday HBCC Nation!

My leftie friends here are starting to call me "Captain Comments". Do you feel this is a fair moniker? Do you have any comments on the following picture: